There is a WIFI network available on the ENTIRE campsite.

At your arrival, you will receive a 24 hours free connexion per stay. For a longer connexion tickets are for sale at the reception. 

Attention : 1 code = 1 device

Unlimited connexion for only 1 device for:

24 hours:  2 €

1 week:  6 €

15 days:  10 €

1 month:  15 €

To log in :

1/ Turn on your wireless card. 

2 / Look at the wireless network list.

3/ Refresh the list and connect to the strongest WIIZONE-LACREOLE signal. As soon as you are connected, launch your browser. 

4/ Accept the terms of service and type the number on the voucher. 

For using games, applications or your mail box, please connect FIRST your browser to the WIIZONE-LACREOLE network.