The history of the campsite at Marseillan Plage La Créole

The town of Marseillan

The town of Marseillan has had a rich and eventful past, the remains of which can be seen in the stonework of the houses, the porches of the old bourgeois houses and the narrow streets of the town. Marseillan was one of the first communes in France to erect a statue of Marianne in the public square. In the XIXᵉ century, the vine was established and enriched the territory and changed the image of Marseillan. We rediscover Marseillan's past through our La Créole campsite.

The birth of our La Créole campsite

When phylloxera destroyed the vines in Marseillan, the people of Marseillan planted vines on the coast, as vines on sandy soil were resistant to phylloxera. Owners built premises for their vineyards, and this is how the villa "La Créole" in the centre of the campsite came to be built.

The South of France was invaded by the Germans in 1942. They drove out the inhabitants and destroyed almost all the houses. The roof of the villa "La Créole" was destroyed.
As soon as the war was over, the town council acquired twenty hectares of the Richemont estate and several other small properties. It asked the Prefect for permission to call the land it had acquired "Marseillan Plage", which was granted on 10 March 1948 (Birth of Marseillan Plage). Marseillan-plage has continued to evolve to become the attractive and dynamic resort we know today, bordered by its magnificent and immense beach of fine sand on the Mediterranean Sea



Where does the name La Créole come from?

La Créole comes from the name of the vineyard villa in the centre of the campsite. It was named after Empress Josephine, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte I.

On his return from the Russian campaign, Napoleon, not having enough money to pay his soldiers, compensated some of them with land. One of our ancestors was given marshland, which he filled with sand from the dunes. He built his house and planted vines.

In 1973, the vines were uprooted to create Camping La Créole at Marseillan Plage...

We are delighted to welcome you to camping La Créole and hope you have a pleasant stay.

Stay at our La Créole campsite in Hérault

Marseillan Plage is a seaside resort in the Hérault department on the Mediterranean coast. Marseillan Plage is one of France's most popular tourist destinations for its natural beauty, family friendliness and activities for all ages. Our campsite at Marseillan Plage offers a wide range of mobile home and camping pitch rentals, as well as numerous activities and entertainment for families with children. Staying at our 3-star campsite in Marseillan Plage is the ideal way to discover the region and the Occitanie region. A family outing to Marseillan means strolling through the Grand Marché, exploring the heritage trail, strolling along the port or the banks of the Canal du Midi, the fine sandy beaches and tasting fine wine in the vineyards. 
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