Our history

A little bit of History

When phylloxera destroyed the vines in Marseillan. The people of Marseillan planted vines on the coast, as vines on sandy soil were resistant to phylloxera.

Owners built premises for their farms. This is how the villa "La Créole" located in the centre of the campsite was built

The South of France was invaded by the Germans in 1942. They drove out the inhabitants and destroyed almost all the houses. The roof of the villa "La Créole" was destroyed.

At the end of the war, the municipality acquired twenty hectares of the Richemont estate and several other small properties.

What are the origins of the name La Créole ?

La Créole was the name given to the villa at the centre of the camp site, when the land was still used as a vineyard. The name was given in honour of Empress Joséphine, the first wife of Napoléon Bonaparte 1er.

At the end of the russian war’s, Napoleon had not enough money to pay his soldiers. In order to compensate these one, Napoleon gave land. That’s why, one of our ancestors received a swampy land and filled the hole with the sand. He built his house and planted the vineyard.

In 1973, The vineyard was uprooted to create the Camping La Créole…